What To Do If You Are Looking For A Husband

signs you're looking for a husband

For many men, marriage is the ultimate risk, which is why so many of them drag their feet to the altar. A frightening number of men are unable or unable to commit to decent women, despite the fact that many of them are aware that they are, to some extent, making a mistake.

Men benefit significantly more from a good marriage than women do. As a result, the majority of males eventually marry.

What has always irritated me about men is that they rarely marry the women who put in the most effort. I should know because I was that girl, as have many of my friends.

For many men, marriage is the ultimate risk, which is why so many of them drag their feet to the altar. A frightening number of men are unable or unable to commit to decent women, despite the fact that many of them are aware that they are, to some extent, making a mistake.

Men benefit significantly more from a good marriage than women do. As a result, the majority of males eventually marry.

Your Overall Packaging

Do you want to tie the knot? Present yourself as a potential bridesmaid.

To bring home to mom or to appear fit to be a mother to his child, you must be “presentable.” Also, be attractive, as most guys are more concerned with their appearance than they should be.

Surprisingly, a guy’s appearance will also determine whether or not he trusts you enough to be with you. Unfortunately, most guys I’ve encountered merely look at superficial appearances to determine whether or not a woman is trustworthy.


signs you're looking for a husband

2. Your general compatibility… this isn’t always the case.

You’d be surprised at how many men will date a woman with whom they have no mutual interests and accompany her to the altar. Many men will shy away from women with negative personalities, or will mistake a complete jerk for “a challenge.”


3. Your financial and professional position

Men who value a healthy lifestyle will avoid dating girls who are unable to stand on their own two feet. This isn’t to mean they won’t back you up. It does, however, imply that they will want to see that you can contribute to a family on an equal footing with them.

Money is a big source of conflict, so knowing it won’t be an issue is a good omen.

4. Your objectives

No, you can’t merely want to “get married.” You must demonstrate that you, too, have life goals that you wish to achieve.

What exactly are they? Do they, nevertheless, fit in with his?

5. How are their lives going before they propose?

The majority of males say they want to be financially secure, and many also say they aren’t as interested in dating as they once were. When it comes to getting married, some people develop a case of baby fever


how to propose to her


6. Whether their parents approve of you or not

If they don’t approve, it’s unlikely that they’ll marry, especially if they come from an extremely conservative family.

However, this is a nice bullet dodged. You don’t want an in-law from hell and in your immediate family, believe me.


7. How Nurturing Are You?

Kindness and warmth are two of the most sought-after qualities among men when looking for a bride.

To put it another way, you have a nurturing personality. This makes it reasonable, given that most men desire to marry someone who will eventually become their child’s mother.


signs you're looking for a husband

8. How successfully you blend in with their circle of friends

Have you ever met a person whose buddies despised his wife? It’s a rare occurrence, but it does happen.

The reason that doesn’t happen very often is that most men judge their girlfriends’ behavior around their friends before deciding whether or not they want to spend the rest of their lives with them.

9. Your “number” is as twisted up as it is.

Yes, for some guys, the quantity of sex partners is important. I’ve been dumped because of it, and I don’t understand why guys act like this.

But, I suppose, it’s just another bullet avoided. After all, do you really want a guy who is so insecure that you are “too much” for him because you have a little bit of experience?

Come on, people. That’s such a sad criterion for a man to use, and it’s practically a certainty that you’ll have bad sex as well.

signs you're looking for a husband


10. Your assertiveness

Guys don’t want you to be spineless, no matter how lovely you are.

Men don’t want a female who is too permissive around them, just as women don’t want to be with a man who lacks self-confidence. After all, confidence is crucial, and assertiveness equates to confidence.


Your future husband should have the same values as you

Values are really essential when it comes to finding your husband. This is the key to a successful relationship and marriage. This is why you should make sure that when you are finding your husband, make sure that he believes in the same values as you. And, this is one of the reasons why dating over 30 is making a relationship more successful. By then, you will know what values you need to look for.

 On your first date, don’t be too choosy.

This is one of the most common blunders people make, and it’s probably why you’re still hunting for your soul mate. There are far too many women who make snap judgments about guys. Just because he isn’t dressed in a suit doesn’t imply he isn’t well-dressed. If he’s wearing sneakers, it’s because he can’t afford anything else or isn’t wealthy.

 Know what you want in your husband

You will not be able to find your husband if you don’t know what you want in a man. You need to do some self-examination in order to know what you want in a husband. Should he be friendly and a gentleman? Or, should he be rough and a party animal? These are things that you need to know before you can even start looking for your husband. Otherwise, you are going to fail at your dates. Each and every time.

To discover your love, you must venture forth.

It won’t help if you sit at home daydreaming about finding your partner soon and successfully. There’s no chance your prospective husband will appear out of nowhere. You must go out in search of him. You can either go online or start frequenting nightclubs and bars. You’ll notice that it’s a lot easier to meet new people and go on dates to locate your Mr. Right once you start going out.

Keep an open mind. Not all men are created equal.

Your prior lover could have been a jerk, and you were severely harmed. This does not guarantee that the next man will be the same. You must be open-minded and give the guy a chance before concluding that he is the same as your last relationship. If you notice that you’re always getting injured by the same type of men, you need to adjust your technique right once and start looking in various locations.

Emotional Stability

When it comes to stability, there are two types: emotional stability and mental stability. Emotional stability is when a man has a healthy mental condition, the ability to remain stable and balanced, as well as the ability to keep cool and have self-control when confronted with a difficulty. The second is financial stability, which is essential if you want to develop a financially self-sufficient marriage and family.

He must be able to accept you.

Nobody is flawless, and most women desire a partner who would accept and adore them for who they truly are. Maybe your future spouse isn’t the ideal match for you if he’s continually trying to change something about you. You need someone who appreciates not only your wonderful and attractive qualities, but also your eccentricities, individuality, and other flaws. When seeking Mr. Right, you should always consider finding someone special that makes you feel at ease in your own skin.

He should behave respectfully

No one wants a husband who is nasty, inconsiderate, or impolite, of course. Most women are drawn to gentlemen who are well-behaved and chivalrous, and who treat others (including those in a weaker or lower position than him) with fairness and respect. These kinds of men will provide a good example for their children and act as a decent father figure, which is exactly what they need and that’s what makes the women instinctively like them.

He should be Dependable

A trustworthy man is one who follows through on his promises. He’s not the type to make hollow promises, leave people hanging, or act in ways that contradict his beliefs. Because women seek mental stability as well, being dependable and responsible are important factors in determining whether or not you’re the proper man for her. They understand that having a dependable husband means they’ll always have a helping hand, someone who will (at least attempt to) be on time, and someone they can count on when they need a little extra help.

He must have Compassion

Here, we’re talking about having a cheerful attitude, empathizing with others, and being nice. Every woman’s ideal is to have a wonderful, kind-hearted husband who is also understanding, forgiving, and caring. He isn’t self-centered; on the contrary, he would listen to and endeavor to meet the needs of others before his own. That is, without a doubt, a quality that will fascinate the ladies.

He must be Resourceful

In the perspective of a woman, intelligence and wit are qualities that make a man appear so appealing. Women also seek a potential husband who is determined, self-assured, and resourceful. That is, a man should have personal life goals and be willing to work hard to achieve them. Even in poor and difficult times, a resourceful guy will find a way to care for his family and will not give up. A lethargic, aimless, and directionless man, on the other hand, would not make a good husband figure because he lacks ambition to advance in his work, family, or life in general.

He must be Dependable

A trustworthy man is straightforward and truthful. His partner wouldn’t have to be skeptical of him or try to figure out what he’s up to because what you see on him is what you get.

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