Top 4 Mistakes Men Make In a Relationship

Mistakes men make in a relationship

1. You Don’t Make Her Feel Special Or Pay Attention To Her Emotions

Women are emotional beings, It is not what they do, it is who they are. They express how they feel in some way that you may not understand but it’s your job to figure it out.

You will need to consciously be aware of how they exhibit their emotions or you are in for a big struggle in your relationship.  You have to be aware of your woman’s emotional needs, accept, support and protect them not fix them.

Women need emotional acceptance not fixing.  Men are sometimes ignorant of the emotional state of women because men are rather logical than emotional beings and even oftentimes don’t understand their own emotional states.

They usually don’t care that much about how they feel about themselves so why should women do? They wonder. When your woman is angry with you, she may not show it as a normal person does.

She may put up some funny attitude to give you the signal that she is not happy with you. She could even showcase a similar attitude towards you if she is jealous or suspicious about you.

Unfortunately, you have to unravel it in whichever way because she is actually testing to see if you really care about her. If you are always asking her what the problem is every time, then you are probably in for a tussle.

She wants you to notice her emotions, acknowledge them, ride them out, support and reassure her.

2. Be Confident Young Man, Take The Lead.

Women are attracted to confident and not wimpish or chicken hearten men. If you struggle with your self-esteem you are likely to put them off. Women love men that are not intimidated by their success. Women want a man with self-assurance and charisma. Women can easily detect a man with low self-esteem and avoid them.

A man who struggles to make eye contact, they are passive, not action-oriented, and are scared of making moves to show interest usually repels women.

No one can give you self-esteem therefore don’t go looking for a woman that would help boost your ego if you don’t have any. She requires a real man, not a task. Only you can build your self-esteem. Also ensure your woman also possess a high regard for herself as well, is emotionally stable and not a lady in despair.

It is very necessary. Women love men who are sure of themselves and who know who they are and what they want. Mature women see assertiveness, confidence and consistency as a sign of strength which is very attractive.

Every woman wants a man to be in his masculine energy. It could be surprising to hear a woman acting all strong and superior saying she wants a man stronger than she is. To be honest she is weak inside. Do you know that the stronger the woman is on the outside the more vulnerable she is on the inside?

It’s all a show-off, so young men don’t be intimidated.  Men get confused when women give off an “am independent vibe”, don’t be deceived.  Women are constantly testing men to see if they can be in charge.

All you have to know is that you can influence her to be more comfortable in her feminine energy and be vulnerable with you and believe in you, show her you can take charge.  A woman may say something but mean the opposite of what she is saying, she wants to know if you really care about her.

For instance, she could say “leave me alone” but in the real sense, she wants you to hold her close. Or complain of a headache and you might say “let me get you some pills” she would reply “don’t worry, am fine” but a clever man would go ahead and bring the pills.

She was actually testing to see if he truly cares about her.  It is actually an unconscious test. That is how women are made up.  To strongly assist your confidence level please dress nice and smell good, enhance your physical appearance, looking good makes you feel good and emanate a sense of confidence automatically.

3. You Are Not Listening To Her.

When a woman feels you are not listening to her in the relationship, she becomes bitter and angry, this really gets the man confused because he is ignorant of the reason behind her anger and gets provoked by her actions. She could repeat herself over and over again and this is communicated to the man as her nagging and shuts her off.

top mistakes men make in a relationship

When we listen to a person we show that we respect and value what they have to say regardless of whether we agree or disagree. You don’t have to agree with what she says just listen to her, give her attention. It would mean a lot to her that you value her opinion at that moment.

Women always love to express themselves in words and actions. Women always like to talk, just do her a favour and listen to her even if you are not understanding what she is trying to say, give her the assurance that you are there for her.

Men generally try to fix stuff, they are logical beings therefore they sit back look through the problems and try to find concrete answers and solutions to them, Women on the other hand visit problems on a more emotional level, how she feels about the problem.

Women tell you their problems or bad days not because they want you to fix it but she is looking for empathy from you.

Someone to share in her struggles with and perhaps console her, give her a hug and ask her to rest while you do her share of the housework today, just make her feel appreciated because you acknowledge how really bad her day turned out.

When she complains about something you have done, it’s natural to be defensive, because you don’t really see the big issue in what really happened but it’s not about you or what you have done but how you make her feel. Just make her feel better you would be shocked at the outcome of her actions.

4. You Don’t Use Words of Affirmation

When it comes to relationships, language is everything. Men are incited by what they see, on the other hand, women are incited by words (what they hear). Just as a wrong phrase can set her off so likewise a worded sentence can sweep her off her feet.

top mistakes men make in a relationship

Remember no two women are exactly alike, but they are words that just any lady would love to hear so don’t worry. Women love specifics, tell her why you love her and what you love about her. It wouldn’t hurt or remove a hair from your skin if you know how to say you’re sorry.

Sometimes, you can own up to the fact that you are wrong, it won’t kill you. Humility is a virtue that most women appreciate a lot. Women want to hear from you tell them how beautiful they are, it helps them boost their confidence and feel more loved.

Women always and never gets tired of hearing the word “I Love You” so please don’t be tired of telling her and please not for saying sake but mean every word of it.

Women want to feel secure in the relationship therefore, she likes to hear that you are committed to her most especially when you’re in a conflict and things feel insecure, they want to be reassured that you’re in this relationship together and committed to working things out.

They want to hear you tell them over and over again. Remind her always that you are there for her emotionally whenever she needs anything. Just as men like to hear how much pleasure they bring to their partner so likewise women love to hear even more.

Ask her about her interesting times and life experiences, it would help you to know more about her without much effort. Women love it when you let them know they still look beautiful and desirable even when they are going through the worst days and times.

Women seek a partnership that encourages their growth, nurture their talents and allow them to be themselves in the best way they can, therefore, it’s not enough to talk but back it up with actions.

Always try to be a support to her not only in words but also in actions. Women want you to share your intimate thoughts and feelings with them, it makes them feel extremely close to you.

Show her you want her help and value her opinion concerning a matter, It shows her you have confidence in her abilities and this boost her sense of relevance to the relationship.

Women feel cared for when their partner makes plans for them to do something together, like going on a date, watch movies, etc, women like it a lot.

Whether you have been together for long or not, women want to hear that you enjoy their company and they are fun to be with, it makes them feel more confident and settled in the relationship.


A long-distance relationship is a blend of a relationship and distance. Many people have this belief that long-distance relationships never work out.

The distance involved makes many things look unachievable, and could even make you feel lonely at times but it makes the simplest things the sweetest.

It may be tough, yes nobody promised you it’s going to be easy but you can keep it alive and strong.

It takes real work and a lot of effort on both sides for the relationship to work out because a long-distance relationship is one of the hardest situations you can get into, the thought of the fact that you can’t be with your partner is already sickening. A long-distance relationship is for the matured and tough to keep the ball rolling.


How To Survive Long Distance Relationship

   1. Communicate Regularly

Engage in lengthy discussions about what you want from yourself and each other in the relationship while you are apart.

Regular communication is the key to sustain your relationship. It’s what keeps the connection in place and fuels the vehicle of your relationship.

Put away every form of assumption but bring everything to the table of discussion. Get to know each other well.

Ask about what she/he likes, their favourite foods, listen attentively to what you are being told, it would make the person interested in telling you more about themselves.

  2. Trust Each Other

It is very easy to let your thoughts run away when you are not together. It’s very essential to trust each other if the long-distance relationship must survive because of the fear that your partner will end up with another person.

Lack of trust leads to doubt, jealousy and suspicion. To enhance trust, talk more about your daily schedule and activities to each other like giving updates of when hanging out with friends, arriving from work and so on.

An open and honest relationship is a healthy one. Be open to each other about your worries or about problems you can’t handle. Your partner is not only your lover but your best friend if you both open up to each other it builds trust.

   3. Give Each Other Some Time To Yourself.

Even as frequent communication can strengthen long-distance relationships, please don’t overdo it. It’s unwise to be overly possessive and sticky.

“If you want to live together with your partner, you first need to learn how to live apart.” – Anonymous.

    4. Don’t Lie To Each Other

A lie kills long-distance relationships faster than you can imagine. It is not easy, to tell the truth, but it’s the best and safest option. The truth is always bitter. You might be surprised but your partner will get more hurt hearing the truth from someone or somewhere else than from you.

It clouds their mind with doubts and that alone can crash the relationship beyond repair. Being truthful will make them appreciate you more in the relationship.

    5. Be Committed To Each Other.

Willing to withstand any inconvenient situation in order to keep that person in your life is a commitment. Think about what value that person adds to your life and what drew you towards them over anybody else you’ve met.

This is beyond the physical chemistry between you both. It’s about all the little things that made you fall in love. If the person is the right one for you, distance will not waver your feelings for one another.

You are ready to sacrifice any short-term pleasure for a long-term benefit.


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