How To Make Him Think About You All Day Long

How To Make Him Think About You All Day Long


Do you think the person you’re seeing is thinking about you at this same moment? Everyone here wants the answer to that question to be a resounding yes every time. I guess you want to know how to make him think about you all day long.

Even on the busiest of days, there are some straightforward steps you can take to ensure that your guy’s thoughts never stray too far from you. If he is always ruminating on you, it may be an indication that he cares for you profoundly and that you occupy a significant place in his thoughts. Or it’s possible that he’s simply obsessed with you.

It only takes a few deftly delivered hints about you in the morning, followed by a few reminders at just the right moments throughout the day, and he won’t be able to think about anything but you. If you follow these few recommendations, you can eliminate the question of “Is he thinking about me?” from your mind and have him think about you all the time.

Here are a few tips you should know if you want him to think about you all day long.

 How To Make Him Think About you all Day Long: Tease Him

Do you know that guys love it when their partner gives them that occasional sexy tease? First off, try to stay in your underpants for as long as possible. Next, when you are getting ready for work, you should “accidentally” brush your body up against his.

You should try to work in a few discrete moments in which you bend over in an attractive manner. It’s going to be hard for him to figure out what to do with himself.

Do this for as frequently as possible and he will definitely be rushing back home in the evening to have you in his arms.

Be Yourself All The Time To Make Him Think About You Always

This should be the simplest one, right? If you want to know how to make him want you, the first thing you need to do is just be yourself.

Simply be who you are; don’t try to impersonate someone else or alter yourself to cater to his preferences; just be genuine. There is no one else in this world who is exactly like you, so why are you making the effort to stand out from the crowd?

Give Him A Kiss To Remember

Give him a pleasant morning kiss right before work. He’ll definitely think about it all day and could even contemplate missing work just to stay home with you.

Give him that lung-busting five to seven minutes French kiss. You will be the only thing on his mind all day long.

Smile As Often As You Can

When you smile, your entire face brightens, and you communicate your happiness to the people around you. That is genuine beauty, and it also manages to be very seductive. Put an end to that miserable sulking. And in lieu of that, just put on a smile and demonstrate to others how happy you are.

When you smile at him always, you are sending a message that you are friendly and approachable. And by doing so, you are indicating to the guy who has caught your attention that he is welcome to talk to you as well.

Write Him A Sexy Note To Make Him Think About You All Day

Try your hand at the old-school activity of hand-writing a lust note. It need not be very lengthy at all. In point of fact, slipping a piece of colorful paper into his pocket will serve as a tempting reminder of you in the future when he is delving into his pockets for something else.

You are free to be as subtle or explicit as you see fit.

Give Him The Right Amount Of Attention

Every guy loves attention just as much as girls love it too. However, the right attention is needed all the time. You should direct valuable attention toward your man from time to time.

This will make him love and trust you even more. Also, by giving him the right amount of attention, he will always miss you and think about you all the time.

Share Him A Slightly Suggestive Photo

You’ve undoubtedly already sent him a boatload of sexy photos for his private viewing, but have you ever considered sending him one that teases him?

Take a picture of the underwear in your closet, your gently rumpled bedding, the nape of your neck, or anything else that comes to mind to illustrate the point. He should be teased with ambiguity.

Share Your Fantasies

It’s possible that asking a man about his fantasies could cause him to withdraw from the conversation, but there is a technique to get him to start opening up to you more. You get the first shot!

Start by telling him a fantasy that you have that is attainable right now and under your control, and then make it come true! He will become more confident in his ability to think creatively, and when he engages in his own dreams when you are not present, he will most likely picture you playing a supporting role alongside him.

Surprise Him Occasionally

Avoid making the ordinary a time for surprises. But on occasion, you should do something that will catch him off guard, such as a humorous gesture, a tiny present, or something else that he won’t be anticipating. It’s easy for life to get monotonous, which is why it’s so appealing when a new person enters it and injects a little bit of surprise into it.

Show Your Natural Confidence

If you want to understand how to make him want you, the first thing you need to do is exhibit your natural confidence. Confidence is a really sexy quality. Put on anything you like and make sure it looks good on you; smile, chuckle, make eye contact; just be yourself, and don’t worry about what other people think. You’ll also show him that you’re determined and strong which are both very attractive qualities, if you pursue the things in life that you want.

Listen To Him

Listen attentively. We are occasionally so busy juggling multiple responsibilities that we only listen with one ear.

If he is not reacting to your flirtatious texts, you should inquire as to what he is considering at the moment. Then put your entire being on listening carefully to him, supporting him to discuss what’s going on, and then reflecting back what you believe you heard him say so that he knows you’ve acknowledged him and comprehend what he’s saying.

This will give him the impression that you are involved in what is going on in his life, and it will have him desire you even more.

Be Silly And Playful

Do not get wrapped up on the word “seductive,” even though all of these tips may make it appear as though you need to be outwardly seductive to make him think of you. You are familiar with both yourself and your partner, as well as the things that will and will not work. Therefore, make sure to infuse everything with your own unique perspective.

Being goofy and playful with him from time to time can only serve to deepen the connection that he feels for you.

Take unanticipated actions. Wrestle him as he’s sitting on the couch. Take some whipped cream and put it on your nose in a squirt bottle. Or you could come up with some wacky and interesting approach to coax him into the bedroom. In a nutshell, you should make him laugh because being in love is intended to be enjoyable.

Being genuine and honest around your partner is something that should never be overlooked. And what could be more exciting than being able to seduce the person you love while staying true to who you are?

 How To Make Him Think About You All Day Long: Keep To Your Promises

When it is in your power to do so, carry out the commitments you make. Be sure to let people know if you are unable to deliver on a tantalizing tease you have been dropping hints about because of a pressing work deadline or an emergency in the family.

Inform him of the reasons why you are unable to meet the implied commitment, and make sure to postpone the time that you had planned to spend by yourself.

How To Make Him Think About You All Day Long:

Praise His Bedroom Talent

In the bedroom, you should tell him the things you like best about him. Consider the kinds of maneuvers he executes, which no guy has ever pulled off nearly so brilliantly before.

Believe me when I say that he is hoping to be praised for his abilities, since this will only motivate him to think of other ways in which he can make you happy sexually.

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