How You Can Spice Up Your Sex Life With Your Partner: A Step By Step Guide

How Can You Spice Up Your Sex Life With Your Partner?

Why spicing up your sex life is important

Knowledge on how you can spice up your sex life with your partner is very important. Spicing up your sex life can have a positive effect on your connection with your spouse as well as lead to a variety of positive health outcomes.

Sex is an aerobic activity, which implies that it can increase your heart health.  A single passionate act of intimacy burns about 180 calories, which, is similar to approximately 20 minutes of moderate jogging.

Your mood can also be improved by engaging in sexual activity with your partner. Endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals in your brain, are released when you have sexual activity.

The hormones that are released during sex may lessen levels of melancholy and anxiety as well as increase immune function. Having sexual activity on a regular basis with your spouse can not only help you sleep better, but it can also extend your life and safeguard your cognitive abilities.

Try any of these straightforward tactics to learn how you can spice up your sex life with your partner.

Techniques To Liven Up Your Sex Life

Try Talking About Sex

According to the findings of several studies, partners who have a healthy level of sexual communication are happier with their sexual life. If you and your partner are having problems in your sexual life, having an honest conversation about those problems could potentially enhance both your sexual life and your relationship.
The ability to talk openly with one another can help a couple build a better relationship and experience deeper sensations of closeness. In point of fact, being open and honest with your partner may result in an improvement in the overall happiness you feel with your relationship.

Try Outdoor Sex To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Having sex in public is a fantasy for many people. They enjoy it because there is always the risk of being caught. The risk of getting caught may also provide them with a particular thrill.

Exercise extreme caution due to the fact that every city and jurisdiction has its own rules on lewd conduct.

A helpful piece of advice for avoiding being seen by prospective onlookers is to wait until dusk and either wait in your vehicle or go to a remote location.

Try different penetration techniques

If you and your partner is okay with alternating between different activities, try different techniques during penetration. Think about pegging, which is something that a lot of people are into. It’s a totally safe method to explore your boundaries for using different sex toys with your spouse. There’s no risk involved.

However, to the fact that the prostate is a very sensitive location, this can also introduce them to a new type of sexual pleasure.

Spank that butt!

As long as you have express approval, spanking is yet another exciting and sexy way that people may add some twist into their bedroom setting without getting too “extreme.”

In Just make sure that you are spanking carefully by keeping to the fleshy regions of your partner’s body instead of hard bones or organs.

Try Anal Sex Play

Anal play does not need to be daunting in any circumstance. There are dozens of different ways to experiment with this with your partner. Some of them include using anal beads, little butt plugs, or strap-on dildos.

Oral sex on the anus, often known as rimming, is an option that does not have to involve any form of penetration.

Be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling.

Getting in touch with your feelings regarding sexual activity may liven up your sexual life. However, If you’re suffering painful sex or sexual anxiety, you need to consult a specialist.

This is especially important to keep in mind if you have any inkling that the traumatic experience may be the source of these responses. It doesn’t matter whether you go to a gynecologist, a nurse practitioner, a licensed therapist, or a professional counselor, whoever you see; you’re taking a step in the correct direction toward healing.

Then, talk to your spouse about the feelings you’re having, and come up with a game plan that involves sex that is calming and joyful for you.

Experiment with doing oral in an inverted position

It’s just an example of putting a novel twist on something you could do consistently. Simply turning it around adds a whole new element to the challenge. Make sure that you are experimenting with this new position in a safe manner while also keeping your comfort in mind.

Are you curious about the process? You might want to try laying down on the bed in a horizontal position, with your back against the wall and your head just barely hanging over the side. Then, your spouse will be able to meet your face with their genital, which will give you the opportunity to lick, suckle, play, and do everything else you want. When your partner’s genitals contact your lips at an angle, it will give them a fresh sensation.

This will spice up the sex life with your partner and enhance the experience for the both of you.

Play a game that has something to do with sex

A pastime that allows you to experience new sensations in your sexual life? Playing sex-related games aids in spicing things up, particularly ones that involve elements of spontaneity like dice or playing cards. Since there is some element of chance involved, you are still committed to whatever the conclusion may be.

They are also quite helpful in terms of communication. How? Well, “sex talk” can be awkward and weird, and games provide you the opportunity to bring up subjects or experiences that you would not have felt comfortable expressing if it weren’t for the natural conversation starters provided by the game.

Seize The initiative And Be In Control

Put yourself in control of your sexual life and communicate your desires to your partner by taking the wheel. It doesn’t matter if you tell them where you want to be kissed, touched, or hugged. This is all a means to assure that you receive the orgasms that you want, so long as you do it. When you could be the head coach of your own sexual life, there’s no reason to watch the action from the sidelines, is there?

Start with a straightforward script if you are unsure how or where to get started. Speak up and say ‘touch me here’ or ‘do this slower,’ and you will obtain the pleasure that you are looking for.

Not only does directing your partner help to ensure that you are truly enjoying fulfilling sex, but it also gives them the ability to repeat those actions the following time because they will know that those are the moves that you enjoy the most.

Incorporate pre-sex yoga.

If you and your spouse want to get in the correct headspace before engaging in sexual activity, you might want to try doing some pre-sex yoga together. People have a tendency to be more mindful when they are practicing yoga.

When you are in tune with yourself and you have a clear body and mind, that can translate into the bedroom. The practice of yoga can help you become more aware of your own body as well as the body of your partner, which, in turn, can make sexual activity more enjoyable for both of you.

Put On Some Lingerie For Extra Sexiness

Lingerie is becoming much more welcoming for people of all different body kinds. Humans are very visual beings. Thus, elevating the dress you’re wearing can add another layer of sensuality to your appearance and can improve the sexual attractiveness you exude to others.

Lingerie can even help you become much more confident with your own body, to have sex and be seen. Also, Lingerie can help you become more comfortable with your own body and boost your self-esteem. Do this and you will spice up your sex life with your partner.

Experiment with the temperature play

Temperature play should be incorporated into the bedroom setting. You should try traditional approaches such as picking an ice cube and gently sliding it up and down each other’s body.

You should also try blowing hot air over each other’s legs, arms, or necklines while taking deep breaths in and out.

In a nutshell, the different temperatures provide a unique physical sense to the act of having sex, one that you may not have had previously.

Rotate between your different places

When you’re having sex, you’re typically doing the same thing. Your go-to sex style is presumably something along the lines of a cowgirl, missionary, or doggy.

But try bringing in other moves that you wouldn’t ordinarily try. Some examples of these moves include having sex in a chair or the kitchen table.


Try Sex Toys!

Ask your spouse if they would be interested in utilizing some sex toys together with you. Doing that, you can spice up your sexual life with some buzzy spices. Sex toys are not intended to compete with or replace your spouse. Actually, they help you to enhance what you are already doing in the bedroom.

Incorporating a variety of sex experiences into your life is essential.

First things first, you need to do some study to figure out what kind of sexual toy could be most satisfying for both of you.

Then, when you and your partner are both in a healthy mental frame, you should tell them that you want to consider adding a few items to your sexual repertoire. You could also explain why you think certain toys, in particular, such as a butt plug or dildo, might add to the experience.

Try Sexting When Apart 

Sending and receiving sexually explicit text messages is an excellent method to liven up your sexual life. You may try sending them messages such as, “I want you to do this to me when you get home” or “I can’t wait to touch you on this spot.”

Sexting is a technique to plan to have sex and to build up the anticipation before really having it. When they come home, there will already be excitement waiting for them.

When you increase the tension between the both of you throughout the day, you’ll surely get amped up. However, it also communicates to your partner that they are the focus of your affection.

Compile A Playlist of Sexy Songs

You might want to try making a fun playlist together (or each make your own separate one for double the fun). Fill it with songs that make the two of you feel empowered, comfortable, and, most importantly, turned on.

Mix in Some Food For Added Spice!

Licking hot sauce off your partner’s chest is one of the most fiery things you can do. You can also go the sugary approach by introducing whipped cream or strawberries into your sex play.

You may try feeding one another, licking the ingredients off each other, or even performing amusing phallic gestures with the food things.

Make it as joyful and lively as you desire it to be. This will surely spice up your sex life with your partner.





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