The 11 Signs He Likes You

signs he likes you

The 11 Signs He Likes You.

Let’s admit it – sometimes, you can’t always tell if a guy is into you or not. Sometimes, the signs are just a little too subtle to pick up on. So we’ve found 11 clear signs that he likes you. From his reactions and body language to his compliments and gifts, here are some things to look for that will help you determine if he’s got a crush on you.

The Body Language of a Guy Who Likes You

A guy who likes you will show his interest in your body language. It’s easy to spot these signs of interest. For example, a guy who likes you might turn the TV on when you walk into the room so he can watch you as soon as you enter the room. He might also get really close and personal with you, touching your arm or back while he talks to you. In general, if a guy shows a lot of interest in what is happening around him, it could be a sign that he likes you.

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What He Says About You in General

One of the most obvious signs he likes you is when he talks about you in general. If he’s constantly mentioning your name and talking about what a great time they had with you, then he’s definitely into you.

The next sign is if he starts to speak more openly with you. If his conversations with you start to be more personal, it could be that he’s really interested in getting to know you better – and potentially, romantically.

obvious signs he likes you


When a guy talks about how much he likes your smile or laugh, that’s a clear indication that they’re into you as well. He might even complement other parts of your physical appearance, like your eyes or hair. Or if he notices something else about your body that he thinks is attractive, like your figure or t-shirt size.

If he only seems interested in speaking with you during certain times of day or night, then this might be a sign that there are some things going on in his life at the moment and he needs someone else to talk to – especially during those times.

When He Reaches Out to You

Reaching out to you is a big deal. He’s trying to show you that he likes you and he wants to know more about you. It’s time for him to prove himself – make sure this guy takes the next step and reaches out!

Telltale Signs That He’s Chatting Up Another Girl

Signs that he’s chatting up another girl are pretty easy to spot. If you’re constantly being ignored and talked about over text instead of with you, it’s probably a sign that he likes someone else. Likewise, if he’s talking more to an ex-girlfriend than he is to you, then he’s likely not interested in you.

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Other signs that he’s into someone else are when he doesn’t want to talk about something important with you or if he’s been a little too quiet for a few days. That might be because your conversations haven’t been as interesting lately, or there might be a new woman on his mind.

When He Shows You His Innermost Thoughts

If he starts telling you his deepest secrets, fears and dreams, that’s a sign that he might be falling for you. If he tells you how beautiful or unique you are, that goes a long way towards showing how much he cares about you.

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He doesn’t just want to be friends with benefits either – if he starts talking about his feelings for you and how he’ll always love you no matter what, then it’s more likely than not that he’s serious about getting to know you better.

When He Wants to Spend Time With You

If he’s always asking you to hang out with him, this is a clear sign that he likes you. It doesn’t matter if you’re just sitting around the house or going on a date, if he’s constantly trying to spend time with you, it’s a good indicator that we might like each other.


Keep It Interesting for Him.

One of the most important things that you can do when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship is to keep it interesting. If you want to show your significant other how much you appreciate them, try to make them laugh often. Keep up the banter and keep things light with your partner, especially on days where there are no big plans or events. A great way to start laughing with your significant other is by telling a joke – they’ll love it!

Another way that you can ensure that your relationship remains interesting is by being able to talk about new topics without feeling like you’re always talking about yourself. This keeps conversations fresh, and also helps your love life stay exciting.


Although there may be countless signs that someone likes you, here are the 11 most prominent signs that will give you that  boost of confidence before you go in for the kiss.

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