How To Please Her And Make Her Beg For More

how to please her and make her beg for more everytime

How To Please Her

The majority of us are taught a very limited interpretation of sexuality, one that may be enjoyable for men but is more likely to ignore the pleasure that it may provide to women. As a result of the fact that our culture does not devote a significant amount of time to discussing vaginas or female gratification, even women have a hard time understanding how their private parts function, what it feels like to have a satisfying experience in bed, and how to have ejaculation while engaging in sexual activity. Here are some tested strategies to make her experience more enjoyable during sexual encounters:

By Engaging In The Art Of Foreplay

The sensation of having your girl moan is one that can only be described as ecstatic. Call it magical. Call it hot. You might know everything there is to know about having a good time in bed, but are you familiar with women’s hotspots?

What Is Foreplay?

Foreplay is a term that refers to a series of physical and emotionally intimate acts that are performed between two or more individuals with the intention of stimulating sexual desire and arousal before engaging in sexual activity.

Foreplay is commonly considered to refer to sexual behavior that takes place outside of the physical realm; however, in certain circumstances, the term “foreplay” can also refer to mental or verbal acts.

It can involve a variety of sexual activities, including kissing, sexual caressing, stripping off clothing, blowjob, sexual games, and role-playing.

Tips On Foreplay

  • Take Your Time

When you try to hasten the process too quickly, you make the worst possible error. Are you in a hurry? That’s the straightforward inquiry that you need to pose to yourself. Do you have to catch a flight or a train before your departure? If this is not the case, then you may kick back and give sex the time it deserves because it is during this activity that you connect with your partner in a different way.

Beginning slowly is the best way to heighten the sense of anticipation, and when we say “slowly,” we mean “very slowly.”

Pet her thighs and move your lips up and down her flesh, starting at her toes and working your way up to her thighs. Don’t be in a hurry, but make sure to plant a few kisses right in the v of her neck. Your objective needs to be to make her crave for more.

  • Let her see how much you like getting her excited.

If she gets the impression that you are only engaging in foreplay with her as a favor, it will ruin all of the fun that you are trying to have.

She wants to enjoy herself to the same extent that you do, so let her to do so. Tell her how much it excites you when she is turned on by your touch and how much it excites you when she does it.

  • Know What She Likes

Do you have any idea what it is that she enjoys doing? It’s possible that your current girlfriend and the one you’ve had in the past have different tastes. Something that one woman adores may not be shared by another. Getting to know her pleasure zone is the simplest method to win her approval

To be more clear, does she prefer it to be hot or light? How about a quick pace?

You must also determine the areas of her body that she does not appreciate being touched. For instance, some people enjoy having their hair pulled, while others could find it extremely uncomfortable.

  • Try The Figure 8 Trick

If you intend to give her oral sex, the figure-eight trick is the most effective way to make her go bonkers and crazy. Trace the tip of your tongue in a figure eight around her clit while you give her oral sex, and she will be wild and crazy in no time. If you give it a shot tonight, we promise that you will have one of the most memorable sexual experiences of your life.

You need to add some harder licks, and you shouldn’t be afraid to do it. You can drive her wild for you by adjusting the pressure that you apply and the motion that you use on her ‘v’.

  • Try Something New

Get dirty if you feel that the excitement in your sexual life is waning; if this is the case, it’s time to try something new. Introduce some brand new sex devices, watch some sizzling porn together, and engage in some raunchy conversation.

There is a vast selection of sexual aides that can be found on the internet. If you want your sexual life to be more exciting than it has ever been, you need to be prepared to try new things.

How To Drive Her Wild With Your Touch

It is important to know how to drive your woman crazy by touching her in the right spots. Getting to touch her sensitive spots will most certainly improve your performance in the bedroom and drive her wild with ecstacy.


Instead of concentrating on squeezing her breasts, you should focus on gently stroking her nipples. It’s hot in here. It’s exactly what you requested. And the cherry on top is that it is just what it is that she desires.

Ear Lobes

Please note that earrings are not the only piercing option for her ears. In point of fact, it’s one of the most delicate spots a woman’s body has to offer. It only takes a little breeze, a short kiss, or even a bite to make her wriggle and writhe. While you’re at it, mutter something obscenely filthy behind their back to liven up the conversation.


Moving even lower down, there is the possibility that a kiss (and maybe even a little bit of nibbling) on the neck may send thrills down her spine. Don’t let yourself get too excited since you could end up leaving a hickey. However, in the event that it does occur, the following is a method for removing a hickey.

Inner Thighs

Playing around her inner thigh is the finest thing to do before going down on her, so make sure you do that first. That’s going to be more than enough to wet her behind the ears.


The area around a woman’s navel is considered to be an erogenous zone because of the increased sensitivity it possesses. Erotic sensations can be produced in the area surrounding the navel by tickling, rubbing, or gently licking the area. If you really want to take things to the next level, drizzle a few drips of chocolate or whipped cream over the area, and then start licking it.

Small Of Her Back

When you are alone with her, you can make her heart race by kissing or licking your way down her spine and ending with a passionate kiss on the small of her back.


The clavicle, often known as the collarbone, can be a highly attractive feature on a lady. Why not indicate how much you appreciate its beauty by gently touching and kissing her in this area? Pay close attention to this body area while she is still completely clothed, unbuttoning her shirt only to the extent necessary to view the clavicle, and going no further than that. You can always go back to it once the garments have been removed as well, so that you can remind her of the suspense that it caused when you began there.


It’s a good idea to focus some attention on her pelvis. But you’ll have to fight the impulse to slither down to her vagina while you’re so near. The same way that caressing her inner thighs can excite her, kissing and licking around her pelvis can get her so excited that she will ask for more. Extend the sensation by shifting your attention away from the area for a moment and concentrating on another part of your body.


Even while every square inch of her body contains nerve endings that have the potential to be triggered, that does not imply that she does not have any sensitive spots on her body. Some women can’t take it when their hands are tickled, while others can’t stand it when their faces are touched. Still, other ladies find it intolerable when their faces are caressed. As you proceed through the experience, you will become aware of the locations that respond well to your touch and those that you should steer clear of.

Get Her In The Mood With Some Sexy Talk

Communication is a very important component of any romantic connection, and it may play a pivotal role in providing the partner with one of the most satisfying sexual experiences of all time.

Sexy talk refers to the practice of employing explicit speech imagery to heighten sexual desire before and during physical sexual action.

Your deepest, darkest fantasies can be safely explored when you engage in dirty conversation, and research shows that your partner probably wants it. According to a research, it was reported that in a poll of more than 4,000 Americans, 93 percent of women had dreamt about their spouse talking nasty to them, and 56 percent thought about it frequently.

Make Her Body Quiver With Pleasure

Do you want to make her body quiver with pleasure? Do these steps.

  • Take Your Time

Are you prepared for penetrated? Ask first. However, wet does not equate to ready. Her vaginal walls should be swollen and “pillowy.” Play with shallow thrusts and tease the vulva with your penis to get this effect. Or you could have her handle it on her own.

  • Stimulate Several Areas

Nipples, earlobes, the cervix, and the G-spot are just a few of the places that specialists believe might stimulate an orgasmic response in a woman in addition to the clitoris. Give her a passionate kiss on the neck, a gentle touch on the small of her back, and a soft whisper in her ear. Also, try stimulating the clitoris while penetrating.

  • Discover Pleasure

Keeping a steady rhythm is essential. The first step is to find a rhythm and pressure that seem completely natural to you. Ask her questions that are simple and concise so that she can remain in the moment, such as “Faster or slower? ” “Softer or harder? How does that make you feel? Not: “What would you recommend I do? ” If she appears to be getting closer, don’t alter a thing.

Bring Her To Explosive Orgasm

The Edging Orgasm

Edging is the act of luring your partner to the verge of an orgasm and stopping just in time. You restart and build it back up once the orgasm that was about to occur has passed.

The strength of her orgasmic capacity increases every time you do this. The further you edge, the more forcefully she comes!
A lady can be edged in two different ways.
If you want to give her a clitoral orgasm, you should fully remove your hand from her clit. Next, stop all contact with it while you massage her breasts or kiss her. Alternatively, you can push her to the point of orgasm and then stop touching her “orgasm zone” altogether.
Alternately, you might push her to the point of orgasm before substantially reducing the speed and severity of the stimulation. Start afresh and build it up once the orgasm is no longer imminent.

Multiple Orgasm

Try this method to achieve several edging orgasms, but feel free to experiment and come up with your own.
Place a pillow under your girl’s pelvis as she lies on her back. The fact that she is lying on her back helps her nerves to relax, making it simpler for her to move and for you to reach her “orgasm zones.”
Then spread her legs and use your fingers to nudge her toward a clitoral orgasm. Keep in mind: don’t let her orgasm just yet! Before she does, halt the action and begin using your fingers to activate her g-spot. Stop her when she’s about to have a g-spot orgasm and don’t let her.
Return to her clit and use your preferred oral technique to push her just past the point of orgasm. Next, stimulate her g-spot once more, but this time by penetration. Her legs should be over your shoulders as you move back and forth. You’ll be pushing right into her g-spot due to the angle the pillow creates.

Bottom Line

Try these techniques with your girl when next you both are alone and have her be for more every time.

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