How to Become a Better Woman – A Comprehensive Guide.

how to become a better woman

How to Become a Better Woman – A Comprehensive Guide.

The one question that essentially EVERY woman has asked herself at some point in her life is, ‘How can I become a better woman?’ Many times, they don’t have a definitive answer to this question. They don’t know where to start from to improve themselves as women. I believe that the reason for this is because, many women don’t really know what the term ‘better woman’ actually means.

Being a better woman does not mean you are better than any other woman; it means that you are a better version of yourself as an individual today than the Woman You Were Yesterday. It means you are even more capable of becoming who you want to be tomorrow! A Better Woman is someone who makes conscious efforts every day to become a more developed person than she was yesterday- someone who knows her zone and takes care of herself physically and mentally.

Do you want to become a better woman?

If yes, the seven tips outlined below will show you how.

What do you want for yourself?

Knowing what you want for yourself is the first step to becoming a better woman. You have to decide the direction of your life towards which you want to move steadily and progressively. Figure out what you want by asking yourself ardent questions and answering them as honestly as possible. These questions include but are not limited to:

  • Do you want a career?
  • A marriage?
  • Kids?
  • A place within your family or community where you feel comfortable living?.

Loving yourself is the key

A key step to becoming a better woman is to focus on developing self-love. This means understanding that self-love is not the same as selfishness. Selfishness refers to lacking consideration for other people, while self-love involves showering yourself with love so that you can give this same love (friendship, family, and maybe a special person in your life) to others: friends, family and maybe even someone special in your life.

Put your peace of mind, your health, and your stability first. There are a few self-care practices you can engage in such as:

  • Going to the spa
  • Getting a manicure and pedicure
  • Getting a soothing massage
  • Cooking a homemade meal or ordering take-out
  • Getting a new hairstyle
  • Burning sage
  • Reading a book

Love your body Inexplicably

In today’s society, many women feel negative about their bodies. Pictures of bikini-clad women with tiny waists, big boobs and butts, flat-as-an-ironing-board stomachs, impossibly smooth, blemish-free skin, flowing hair, full lips and eyebrows are splattered all over our IG and Facebook feeds. Women internalize these features as “perfect”. When a person’s body does not match these ideals (ie., they have cellulite or stretch marks), people tend to say insulting things that stick to and torment the victim. This type of bullying usually starts at a very young age when children are vulnerable. It has gotten to the point where many women don’t ever feel that they look good or that their bodies are in great shape – in fact,…they think negatively about the cellulite and stretch marks on their thighs and butts.

Accepting compliments is important

It shows that you love yourself and are capable of doing great things. Additionally, it shows that the person who complimented you is inspired by your abilities and thinks highly of you. If someone tells you that you’re pretty, it’s because they see good in you- nothing will change that! When someone tells you that you did a great job at some endeavor, believe them. Don’t make responses like Nah, it wasn’t THAT good Pffftt! Don’t flatter me please No, I’m not! I don’t think so but thanks !..

Be proud of yourself

It can be difficult to find positive self-talk when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Even the best of us find obstacles in our way at some point. Sometimes it’s a colleague or boss standing in the way of a work promotion, or a romantic partner who tries to suppress the way you express yourself. It can be a neighbor who plays loud music that prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. As much as these external forces are very disturbing and scary, they really are not your main problems. Your main problem is actually YOU! Yeah, you! Don’t believe me? Well, answer these questions truthfully:

– Do you think you‘re great at what [you do]?

– Are you proud of the woman [you are]?

– Do You Think You‘re bad?

– Do You Think You‘re improving and becoming a better person every day?.

Trying new things

To become a better woman, you have to push yourself and exist outside your comfort zone. Try not to lock yourself in a box or get addicted to doing the same things repeatedly. Try new stuff! Do all the crazy things you’ve wanted to do; go on adventures and participate in crazy, mind-blowing, exciting activities. Think about skydiving or zip-lining? Bungee jumping maybe? Save up some money; pack up necessary stuff and go! Wanna see the Wonders of the Modern World? Go for it! Do all those things you never imagined you could do that conventional wisdom tells us are impossible.

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