60+ Love Text Messages to Make Him or Her Feel Loved

love text messages
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Love text messages can get a little boring if you say the same thing. Learn a few ways to create an “I love you” text that neither your partner nor you will ever find trite! Dive into some love text messages for him, her, or them that are fun, sweet, and oh so loving.

Love Text Messages for Her

Loving someone isn’t hard, but telling them how much you love them in a text can be a bit intimidating. Give these love text messages a try for your girl. Just remember to add your own flavor to the text through fun emojis.

  • Just when I think my heart couldn’t get any fuller, I somehow love you more.
  • I love you now. I love you always. And, I love you forever. But even that doesn’t seem long enough.
  • Every time you smile, my heart stutters.
  • You brighten my world so much each day; I don’t know how I ever lived without you.
  • They say you need air to live, but all I need is you.
  • To say I love you to the moon and back doesn’t even cover it. I love you so much; they haven’t even discovered a planet that far yet.
  • There are a thousand ways you make me happy each and every day. The words “I love you” don’t even cover the depth of my feelings for you.
  • I adore just how perfect you are. But I couldn’t live without your imperfections.
  • The love you give me makes me a better person. Because of you, the world is clearer, and my day is brighter. Thank you for loving me.
  • When the world is pushing me down, your love gives me the inspiration to take that next step.
  • Angel, I think you fell from heaven because I’ve never felt this way before. I love you!
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Love Text Messages for Him

Looking to tell your guy how much he means to you? You’ve come to the right place. These love text messages are sure to show your favorite guy exactly how much he means to you.

  • The sound of your voice brightens my day.
  • You are my own personal superhero. Showing me how loved I am daily and fighting through life with me by my side.
  • Every day that I’m not with you seems like an eternity. I long for the moment we will be together again.
  • I can’t wait for dinner tomorrow night. I love spending time with you. Oh, I love you too 😉
  • I had so much fun with you yesterday. So excited to see you later, love you xo!
  • I love you. Just wanted to say that.
  • Just wanted to tell you how much I love and adore you.
  • When I’m sad, picturing you in my mind makes me smile. I love you.
  • Knowing that you are mine and only mine is the reason I get up in the morning.
  • God was definitely looking out for me when he brought you into my world. Meeting you was better than winning the lottery.
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Touching Love Text Messages

Touch your partner’s heart with these love messages for all. Let your significant other know just how much you love them through a touching “I love you” text. Just make sure to personalize them with lots of hearts and winky faces.

  • I never truly believed in soulmates until my eyes found you. You are the piece of myself I never knew was missing. I love you.
  • You made me realize that reality is much better than dreams. Loving you is a living dream.
  • When you wrap your palm around mine, I know that nothing in this world is impossible.
  • Knowing that you love me, flaws and all, gives me the strength to work each day to be a better me.
  • I’m a better me with your love in my heart.
  • I never understood the phrase, “love to last a lifetime,” until I met you. I want to walk with you hand in hand until my last breath.
  • Even if you were lost in a vast ocean of people, my heart would always find yours.
  • Before I met you, my mind was overwhelmed with everything. But now, it’s impossible to think of anything but you.
  • Being with you is like living in heaven. Every moment is a new adventure of love.
  • My heart came to life the moment you stepped into my life.

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