5 Simple Reasons Why He Wants Space or Time To Think 

5 Simple Reasons Why He Wants Space or Time To Think 

Women aren’t sure the right way to react when a man tells them he needs space

Recently, I was emailed an interesting query in my email: 

“My boyfriend claims that he needs to take some time to think. Is he in need of space or is it done and done? ?”

I know that this could create some confusion, because what does it actually mean when someone says that he requires the space, or some quiet time?

To make it easier for you to be aware of what’s going on in the mind of a person… in this article, I’ll clarify what is meant by that he’s in need of time to determine what he is looking for.

The reason for this may be more unpleasant than the other but at least you’ll be aware of the truth and know the place you stand.

Here are five reasons why he should have space:

1. He requires some time to himself

To avoid any confusion This does not necessarily suggest that:

  • He doesn’t like you.
  • Or that he isn’t in love with you.


This simply means that he would like to be more alone.

Reasons why he wants space


It may be difficult for women to comprehend however, men require time for themselves at times.

It was a survey conducted by 2000 British males revealed that 85% claimed that they needed solitude. On average, men only get just 8 minutes of “me” time a day and 58 minutes of all week!

That is total nonsense to me. A healthy and happy relationship usually is made up of two individuals with their own circle of hobbies, friends, and ambitions They then meet somewhere in between. Their time is split into various activities that are separate from one another.

This is the main point. It’s very unhealthy and insanity to be spending all of your time together. Even if you love one and cherish each other deeply. It’s not sustainable and eventually causes a lot of harm to each of you.

2. He has discovered another person

Sometimes, when a man states that he requires space or some time to think, it’s a sign that he’s met another woman he is interested in but is now wondering whether he should remain with his first partner or split with her.

A few guys may prolong this for a long time, and take the woman to court as he’s scared to speak what’s really happening as well as “hurt her feelings”. In this instance, it’s inevitable however, they’ll do this because they’re uninformed.

he's discovered someone else


Some might simply look away till the time that she “eventually gets the point” this is yet another tactless way to handle the situation.

If you’ve been patient and the guy isn’t yet able to decide his decision… One thing that you can do to help get some clarity is to send him a text straight away if he’s had a conversation with an individual.

Make sure to give him plenty of the time needed to process his thoughts.

If he’s met a different woman, then there are two options for you:

  • You must wait for him to decide and then hope that he decides to be with you for the duration of her
  • Get rid of him and proceed

However, if he’s had a conversation with someone who is not your friend The question is how much you believe him. Because it’s clear that it’s been taking place for some time in secret behind your back.

 3. He is having doubts regarding the relationship.

This occurs to many couples having a hard time.

If things haven’t gone well with your relationship for some time, he might be in doubt about whether the relationship is worth it or not. It’s likely that he’s not the only person thinking that way…

It could be that you’ve lost your passion within your relationships, or because the sexual intimacy isn’t as it was or you’re becoming more like friends, or since it appears that you’re not moving in the same direction.

Whatever the case it is, the best thing to do is allow him to work it out.

why je said he needs space


It’s not a good idea to rush this.

If you interrupted him and inquire “if he has made up his mind yet”, you could change the course of action. Worse is that you’re not recognizing his decision of his and not the person he is which is a huge mistake.

I don’t think it’s necessary to justify why this isn’t an acceptable practice.

Give him some time. Allow him to be a bit lonely. you. Let him figure out whether he would like to remain with you or not.

It is necessary to be patient and wait for the man to reach you, even if anxiety is making you numb and all you want to do is message him and gain clarity.

  4. He is concerned that things are moving too fast.

If you’ve been in a relationship with an individual for a long time it’s not a valid issue since it’s not important to you.

Here’s a scenario that occurs to a lot of people who meet someone they truly love.

A woman is just beginning to date one of her friends and then they begin hanging out each day and spending each moment together.

Then she is told that they should slow down or that he wants some space.

She isn’t sure how to interpret the situation at all, but they had such a good time.

This is a very confusing situation for a lot of women.

For what reason would he need to slow things down even when they’re clearly enjoying one of their company?

signs your boyfriend wants space


The typical guy hits the breaks in this manner in situations that have gone extremely fast. Two people get together and spend the majority of the day together. They frequently move in together and do not pay attention to other people or interests.

In the beginning, for a short period of time, both are at the top of their game. When he begins to realize that other crucial aspects in his existence are deteriorating.

If he finally realizes this it could take over him. In the end, it is necessary to look back and reflect on the actions he’s taking.

This isn’t an issue.

He just needs a moment to himself to get things in perspective. Simply take a step back and consider that he is not the only one with other things which are crucial to him, in addition to you (and just like you).

Let the relationship develop the time it requires to develop and don’t over-stress things.

If you’ve allowed him to have time, but the problem persists to commit, he could be struggling with anxiety about commitment. In this post, you’ll find out how to handle the event of such a situation.

       5. He does not want you anymore

This is probably one of the most unpleasant things to be heard out of the majority of them.

Since now, when the man states that “he needs time to think” It’s over and he’s looking to get out. However, he’s in the waiting room for the perfect time to tell you about it.

He’s in need of space as the event is over and he’s finished.

He isn’t looking to hurt your feelings since he is still concerned about you. There is only one method.

If he’s dragging the issue for an excessive amount of time, you may assist him, even though I’m aware that this isn’t your role or responsibility.

he said he needs space


However, this is the best way to be more clear about the situation and be free from the issue quicker. It’s bound to hurt. However, at least you know the truth and can work to heal yourself faster.

Men aren’t likely to declare straight away that they don’t love you anymore. Instead, they’ll tell you something like: 

  • I’m not sure of what I’d like to achieve.
  • A relationship isn’t the right thing for me at this moment.
  • I would like to meet other people.
  • and so on.

If it is discovered that he doesn’t love you anymore and wants to break up with you It’s best to end the relationship in the earliest time possible to allow you to leave the relationship.

Sometimes, you may think that this might be true, but don’t necessarily wish to admit it.

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