How To Know If He Is Ready To Settle Down In A Relationship

signs he's ready to settle down

Are you in a relationship but unsure whether it’s headed in the right direction? You could even want to be married, but you have no idea how your spouse feels. In a circumstance like this, it’s natural to feel apprehensive. Unfortunately, love isn’t the only factor that might influence someone’s decision to settle down. So, […]

Look Out For These Signs To Know If You Will Meet His Parents

family reunions

For some couples, it may take weeks or months before they label their relationship in any way. Maybe you’re in a situation where things started out casually but quickly escalated into something more serious. You’ve been dating for a while and it’s becoming clear that this may be a long-term relationship. The meet-the-parents moment, which […]

Understanding Betrayal in a Relationship

Undertanding betrayal in a relationship

What does betrayal mean in a relationship? Betrayal occurs when an assumed trust or confidence is broken or violated, resulting in moral and psychological problems in a connection between individuals. Dealing with betrayal in a relationship is a common problem we encounter. There would have to have been trusting before there could be a betrayal. […]

Ways To Say I Love You

Ways to say i love you

Communication is the bedrock of every relationship. There is nothing that keeps a relationship strongly bonded like expressing and communicating how much you love, cherish and adore your partner. The conventional “I Love you” is an obvious and straightforward way to communicate how we feel to our partners but as time goes by it could […]

You Can Fix Lack of Communication in Your Relationship

fix lack of communication in relationships

A lack of communication in relationship might start as a small issue at first but if it remains unresolved, could grow into something much bigger to handle and cripple your relationship. It’s important to know how to communicate in your relationship or you might be out for a big shock.   Communication in relationships is […]

How To Improve Communication in Relationships

how to improve communication in a relationship

A communication is the act of transferring information from one person to another, one place to another or one group to another. It usually involves a sender, a message  which could be verbal or non verbal and a receiver. Transferring of  the right information especially in relationships can be affected by a whole lot of […]